Student's survival guide

"Multimedia guide for Erasmus students" was my diploma work in Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Łódź, Poland. It was designed for young people, who come to the academy for student's exchange. The inicial step was to design the logo for the International Office of ASP in Łódź. Afterwards, I've made a pocket-size book guide, a website, a short film and promotional materials for the International Office. What connects all pieces of the project is the logo and four colours used in the sign.

naat_student_survival_guide_diploma naat_student_survival_guide_diploma

The book

...consists of 8 chapters that include information about Łódź, moving around the city by public transports or bike (that goes with a scheme of the city centre), restaurants affortable for student's budget, shops and services, pubs and clubs best for enjoying a party, cultural sites and events, places to visit in Poland and suggestions where to do some sports.

Each chapter has its icon that repeats in pagination, helping in navigating through the guide.


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naat_student_survival_guide_lodz naat_student_survival_guide_lodz

Website for the International Office
of ASP Lodz

To provide wider range of inrofmation to an Erasmus student, I created as well a website of the academy's International Office.


Promotional items

Promotional stuff: pins, postcards (to be cut out from the guide book), posters and flyers.


See you in Łódź

Every Erasmus student answered the same questions about the city and the school. People were answering in their mother tongue. The opening titles and short animations between the interview are based on still images: photos and stop-motion technique.
Music by Bruno Schultz.

See also the trailer here

See you in Łódź from Naat on Vimeo.